In a pre-hearing interview, a policeman trying to uphold his moral duties clashes against a manipulative, image-driven superior officer, hell-bent on fabricating the events of a high-profile crime.


At the heart of a nightmare public relations story is Robert, the district police superintendent aiding Mike, a veteran police officer, piece together a fabricated version of the truth before he is to be seen by a civil inquest panel. But Mike struggles with anything other than a confession of guilt as the horrific nature and his involvement in the crime becomes apparent. Stephen Chance and Andrew McDonald star in this psychological drama weighing ethics and scandal.

Key Crew

Producer, Director & Writing – Sam Jack Gilmore and Felix Jude West
Director of Photography – Sam McCourt
Sound Design – Louis Tompkins
Production Design – Ismini Xekalaki
Sound – Tom Hope
Gaffer – Dave Bird
1st AD – Scott Ryan
Focus Puller – Karl Hui
Make-Up – Ruth Boon
Production Assistant – Ella Frost
Production Assistant – James Currie
Dashcam and VHS Macro – Kit Cook
Music – “Rudy” & Mike Else
Visual Effects, Titles and Editing – Sam Jack Gilmore
Colourist – Nedeem Al-Astrabadi