Stuff we do

Online Content

Staff unmotivated? We’ll show those lackies what true pain is with a twenty minute clip of how boring it is to work for your company. No, I don’t make those anymore but we can make a snappy awesome short your staff won’t actually mind sharing on their public social media channels.

Motion Graphics

Logos, pictures, videos – they always look a gazillion times better when they’ve got some awesome 3D spin or light trails behind it that go WHOOSH. Dazzle your audience with a display of professional prowess or send them into hospital with a seizure (I lie, that never happens).

Sound Design

Bombs clipping? Clothing rustle sounding scratchy? ADR needed? We have the tools to make your project sound as good as it looks. Don’t be another company with a great creative brief and make the sound half-baked. We can make it a pleasure for your ear drums as well as your optical nerves.

Visual Effects

Missing a helicopter explosion from your indie film about bunnies and unicorns? No? Well I think you’ll find you are mistaken. Adding an explosion in anything increases market value by 90% and that is definitely not I number I just made up.